This is a short documentary that will warm your heart, because it tells a unique human story of survival and love.

Stamatis Moraitis, 103, from Ikaria, was drafted in WWII, he ended up an immigrant in the States where he lived happily with his family, until he was diagnosed with lung cancer and moved back to his birthplace, thirty years ago. The way of life and the diet of the island helped him survive through illness.

Ikaria, as the documentary informs us is considered a “blue zone” one of the few places on earth that life expectancy exceeds 100 years.

This is a portrait that will leave a sweet taste and inspire you.This documentary is part of The Prism, a series of 27 multimedia stories, “as echoed through the voices of people from various walks of life that have been affected by the crisis”.The Prism is the creation of Nikos Katsaounis and Nina-Maria Paschalidou, documentary filmmakers and producers that have assembled a team of “fourteen photojournalists and videographers, mentoring and enabling them to make the transition to a multimedia storyteller”. The series is great and you can have the chance to enjoy more docs in

The minidoc description written from the directors:

“Ikaria is a small and remote island in the east Aegean Sea, and has been a refuge for misfits since ancient times. It is also a haven for an unusual number of centenarians, who enjoy the fresh air and carefree lifestyle. Ikaria, untouched by human intervention, provides today a resort for the old who seek a mellow, yet lively, retirement.
Mr. Stamatis Moraitis, 103 years old, and his wife live in Ikaria. He was born at the beginning of the turbulent 20th century and has witnessed war, immigration and sickness.
Having left his island on a small boat, he was drafted during WWII and later on migrated to the U.S., where he started his own business and family. Thirty years ago, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he decided to return to his island with his wife Elpiniki to die a peaceful death. But the Ikarian winds, traditional food and good wine seem to have had different plans for Mr. Stamatis, who is enjoying his days with adolescent vitality”.