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Travel /

Aegialis Hotel and Spa: Elegance with Humble Roots in Amorgos

They knew it was the perfect spot for a hotel. Atop a turn in a mountain road on the beautiful island of Amorgos, overlooking the port of Aegalis…

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Behind the News, Visionaries /

The Amorgos Conspiracy: A true story of escape from the military junta.

A short documentary from Nikolia Apostolou that narrates a true story of […]

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Health, Travel /

Swaha: A Tale of Yoga from Amorgos Island

Amorgos is a powerful place. The rock and sea of this Cycladic […]

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Behind the News, Travel /

Cyclades Trail Cup 2017: Naxos highlights

The Cyclades Trail Cup 2017 brings Greek islands into the spotlight by organizing […]

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Travel /

Cyclades Trail Cup: A unique race for experienced and amateur runners!

The Cyclades Trail Cup 2017 is about to begin and everyone is […]

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