We often say to consumers that taste comes above all and that rules have very little or no importance at all. Apparently it is like this at large because nobody and nothing can eventually replace personal taste. For us, behind this point of personal taste lies a truth that we have already recorded by voting yes for example, to simplification of enjoyment regarding matching of food and wine. The situation however starts to get a little tricky or at least this is how we feel it, when we talk about the core and essence of wine, which at its best expression is a product that appeals to the mind as well to the senses. Not that the senses are left far behind but a truly fine wine can stimulate the inert in this case, little grey brain-cells reaching an intellectual challenge and experience.It is here that we need your attention. We do not question everyone’s right to drink their wine as they wish or even to spill on the floor their Brignac or Cristal, but we can not help wondering what is really the point when the same content is altered with the addition of a soft drink like coke or sprite, sugar and ice.

If the wine does not have anything to offer, no offence taken if you treat it with coke or sugar

Fine you would say, but what about all these delicious champagne cocktails that have gotten our ears the last few years? From Bellinis with peach and mango to recipes including Vermouth, mistelle wine like Pineau de Charentes or even red Burgundy everything seems to be allowed. The answer is actually pretty simple: it is exactly as Kir Royal came to surface from a tart and difficult to drink still wine from Bouzeron that needed desperately a dash of sugar from Crème de cassis. If you have something that is virtually undrinkable on its own or so angular, it is understood that someone may want to somehow make it more round and approachable. But even in the champagne cocktails the most basic entry-level quality Champagnes are used. And if we want to go a step further, Champagne is in a very large NV percentage more of a commercial brand rather than a serious wine. But if you’re brilliant like Moët you have already checked a more joyful consumer and there you go with Ice Imperial for drinking it over ice. But beware,  Moët does not encourage even its basic NV to be consumed with ice cubes. Need we say how many million bottles Moët sells per year?

Clearly there are at the top of the pyramid wines with dynamics understood by few

Point #1: If the wine does not have anything to offer, no offence taken if you treat it with coke or sugar, but if it does have things to offer and the producer worked hard to provide it with an identity we would recommend to drink something else. If you insist that it is the only way you enjoy wine, then the next Pinot Grigio-Sprite will be on us. Of course someone could argue that ”why do we care since what matters is bringing consumers to wine and sell?” Sure if this how he wants it,  but do we need to encourage it? Or is it a good idea to suggest an alternative if someone wants something over ice? There is Vermouth based Americano or any combination of Vermouth with San Pellegrino or if you want something really strong there is Chivas, Johnny and numerous other choices. Or do we believe that the wine industry can go against hard liquor? In a million years perhaps!


Let us now look at the same issue from a gastronomy angle. You spent a pile of money to eat a premium beef cut from the amazing Pichon Lalande breed and you order it well done. It is your right of course and bon appetit, you will probably need a chainsaw to cut it but again it is your right and who are we to argue with that. Could it be that someone should inform you before ordering that other options exist as well if you want something well done? Unfortunately there is a levelling tendency in our time that has swept everything in its path, wine included even in the darkest paths. What is now Armand de Brignac, Dom Perignon or Petrus? Surely not just wine…

And regarding the rules of enjoying wine, a suitable glass with an open bowl and a relative long stem enjoyed slightly cool

Point #2: for those wondering if wine is elitistic or not. The way we see it and we have said it from the beginning is that wine at its large majority is for everyone. Clearly there are at the top of the pyramid wines with dynamics understood by few, wines that are benchmarks in the wine world. But it is actually the same as not everyone can drive a Ferrari, Al Pacino and Chuck Norris excluded of course. And regarding the rules of enjoying wine, one can also argue they are incredibly complicated.  Obviously yes if you dig into the anatomy of a screw you will encounter very complex theories but the basis is very simple. As food is eaten with a fork and knife so does wine need its own; A suitable glass with an open bowl and a relative long stem enjoyed slightly cool. How complicated can these two conditions be? Neither thermometers nor special Burgundy or Bordeaux glasses are needed.

As wine lovers, we love when you drink wine whatever way you choose to enjoy it. We recommend, however, these two simple rules that will not disappoint you. Now if you want at 40 degrees Celsius to put some ice cubes in your wine we will close our eyes. But there is always the case that you have an ice bucket next to you so the wine is always cool enough.