Beetroot is the first original video article presented in the Visionaries section for GreekTV. We were truly inspired by Beetroot Design Group, a world-renowned communication design team. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, we had the chance to spend a day in their office and discuss everything from their name to what they consider as creative boom.  We also discussed Greek Monsters, their original self-initiated project that has become the subject of much buzz all over the world.

It was a privilege to observe in close quarters Beetroot’s work space and the dynamic, supportive manner in which they collaborate. The Beetroot team is fascinating not only because of the their many awards and accolades, but because they consistently challenge themselves to produce original and artistic work.


Inside Beetroot lab

Their motto is “Never the same thing twice.”

For years, Beetroot has been a household name for visual communication design in Greece. Thessaloniki has long had a competitive edge in the country’s graphic design industry that raises the stakes for every design agency located there.  The press discovered Beetroot in 2008, when they were pronounced “European Design Agency of the Year”, a distinction unique for a Greek agency.  Followed by “Red Dot Agency of the Year” award in 2011, they have been established as an international player in the field of visual communication design. They have since attracted attention and prestigious clientele.

We often encounter their work in the streets of Athens, on city buses, the metro or in print advertising in daily newspapers. The imagination of their work is often surprising. The company consistently reinvents itself through their creative language. No wonder their motto is “Never the same thing twice.” Recent notable pieces include commissioned work for the Onassis Cultural Centre, for the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the EU and for the Cavafy archive.

Onassis Cultural Centre 2013-2014_02-02097-2014CD-9

Onassis Cultural Center campaign 2013-14, Athens subway, image courtesy of Beetroot

 They are still motivated by curiosity and whimsical fun.

What distinguishes them from other communication design agencies is their perseverance in developing self –initiated projects. These projects often deal with a social awareness, or a philosophical subject. Projects that are bold, original and independent, like “Eros”, an exhibition about sexual intercourse, or the “Love Generator”,  a web application where you could select an illustration from showing a variety of “unsuitable” couples who share a hug. They are still motivated by curiosity and whimsical fun.  The company does not hesitate to spend time and resources in order to present something unique.

01 - beetrootEROS-aaart_x1500

Eros exhibition, image courtesy of Beetroot

Beetroot are a tight collective faithful to their roots

Their most well-known self –initiated project is the “Greek Monsters“: an exhibition featuring illustrations and sculptures of all ancient mythological creatures. The timely nature of this exhibition has proven that through their work, they address contemporary subjects in a universal and reflective manner.


Greek mosters exhibition, image courtesy of Beetroot

Beetroot are a tight collective faithful to their roots. Despite the sirens from abroad, they still keep their hub in Thessaloniki, they recruit junior designers straight out of school and they work as an incubator for them. They work in an open space and eat homemade lunch together daily.

We are thrilled to share this regenerative team effort with the viewers of GreekTV.

Note: The video is in Greek. To activate English subtitles, please click on CC on the video screen.

More about Beetroot in their website.