“Anassa” in Ancient Greek means queen. To Afrodite Florou and Yanna Matthaiou, Anassa is the Greek earth— “a real queen that provides limitless treasure.” ANASSA ORGANICS, their line of tea prepared from the aromatic and medicinal organic herbs of Greece, is founded upon scientific and traditional documentation about the impacts of the herbs and blends. After consulting with a professional panel of scientists and conducting taste testings, the partners adopted 15 herbs (used solo or in blends) to begin the Anassa tea line. The flavor and qualities of the herbs emphasize different states of mood or being— consumers can choose to fill their cups according to whatever they may need most, whether it be vitality or relaxation. And they can be sure they are drinking the finest of Greek materials. ANASSA ORGANICS is sourced from products of organic and traditional farming practices where respect and commitment to the land are paramount.

According to Florou and Mathaiou, the situation in Greece was not the most positive when they began their project. The partners wanted to turn the bad reputation around, especially outside of Greece where negative information about the country was commonly shared. They decided on something “absolutely and positively Greek,” something that they loved a lot, and something that would offer the boldness and quality of the Greek Earth to people around the world— Greek herbs.

“To Afrodite Florou and Yanna Matthaiou, Anassa is the Greek earth— ‘a real queen that provides limitless treasure.’ “

Shortly after the two friends opened their business in 2013, they became one of the four winners of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award. In 2014, Anassa tea won gold in the European Design Awards in the Packaging Food & Beverages category.

The partners aimed for a “humorous and whimsical” approach to the packaging that is fresh and innovative just like their products. The metal containers feature legendary mythological creatures and unexpected icons— “The Nemean lion, The Cerynitian Hind, The Teumessian fox…” The packaging tells stories and weaves together herbs in a new way with “Pegasus: Horse & Wings; Gorgon: Woman & Fish; Talos: man & Steel; and Hypnos: Man & Wings…”

With its biodegradable filters that balance on tea cups with wooden supports, a metal container that perfectly preserves the herbs, and the little packet that fits just the right amount of tea— Anassa tea preparation and drinking becomes a ritual. It encourages individuals to carve time out of hectic schedules for themselves and for those they love. According to the young entrepreneurs, “brewing and serving an ANASSA ORGANICS herbal tea becomes a ritual, one providing buoyant enjoyment, a rare quality experience, an exultation of spirit, a joie de vivre.”

Anassa tea body