As the summer season gets closer, we all start dreaming about our next summer destination… and I don’t know about you, but for me summer has always been synonym to Greece. Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, warm breeze and authentic cuisine. The perfect combination to produce a fantastic getaway.

Crete represents one of the best solutions for summer holidays with small kids.

For those traveling with kids, Crete represents one of the best solutions for a summer holiday in which everyone in the family has its share of joy. A place where a wide range of activities can cater for anyone’s needs.

Make up your mind about the length of your stay and then decide whether to visit the West coast, or the Eastern region of the island, whether to choose the tranquil Southern beaches or the more popular ones on the North coast. If you’re planning to go for a long stay, rent a car and head for discovery. Crete is easy to visit and fun to enjoy with a home-made trip on the road.

The West Coast for Families

Being Crete such a big island which could easily be a country in itself, every comfort and facility is accessible to anyone. You’ll just need a bit of planning regarding moving around, but that is easy to settle.

Chania Old Town

Chania Old Town

The island boasts two international airports, one in the capital city of Heraklion, and the other one in the Akrotiri peninsula, ideal for those wanting to see the West coast. Get yourself a map and design a customized itinerary. Then, book your hotels or studios accordingly but allow some free time to explore and discover Crete, an island full of impressive landscapes, ready to offer you the most amazing local experiences.

The Beaches of the West

Crete enjoys Mediterranean weather with longish summers and temperatures high enough to spend endless days on the beach. The island counts some of the most alluring beaches of the Mediterranean, and most of them absolutely safe for children.

If you plan to stay in the prefecture of Chania, chances are that you want to see Elafonisi. This beach, on the southern coast of the area, is a paradise for kids and total relax for parents. Elafonisi is an extensive pinkish sand beach, with turquoise shallow waters. While parents take in the beauty that surrounds them, kids will be busy exploring ponds and islets in utter safety.



Always in the area, just a little up north, Falassarna stretches along kilometers of sandy beaches and the most impressive clear sea. This beach is famous for its incredible sunsets and — sometimes — also for the wind. There are not many alternative things to do in the village, being Falassarna small and tranquil, however, if happen to visit on one of those windy days, replace the beach with a walk among the olive groves to reach the nearby Ancient Falassarna. A mysterious archaeological place that reveals the wonders and enigmas of Minoan times.

The Akrotiri peninsula is home to several seaside spots, starting with the incredible Saetan Limani, or even more relaxed places, such as Kalathas, Stavros and Marathi.

From Falassarna, it’s simple to reach Balos Lagoon. This well-known tip of land is probably one of the most photographed beaches of Crete, a true paradise of relax with incredible views and safe shallow waters. People arrive to Balos by car, which also implies a final 20-minute walk to get to the sea. For those traveling with kids the alternative is to visit choosing the comfort of a cruise. Ships depart every morning from the port nearby of Kissamos.

Always on the West, the Akrotiri peninsula is home to several seaside spots, starting with the incredible Saetan Limani, or even more relaxed places such as Stavros, Kalathas and Marathiall of them ideal places for kids, sheltered from winds, served with traditional cafés and tavernas.

Saetan Limani

Saetan Limani

Entertainment and Culture

From the Maritime Museum of Chania enjoy one of the most amazing views of the port and the lighthouse, specially at sunset.

The capital of the area is Chania, the second biggest city on Crete. There is wide selection of activities for everybody’s taste. Interesting churches and museums as well as a well preserved Old Town, with an amazing Old Port and different quarters with a lively atmosphere. Stroll through the streets of the old Jewish quarter, and climb the stairs that will make you reach the Venetian district.

Stop for a coffee, a drink or some music in one of the many little bars that populate the alleys. From there, keep walking up to the Maritime Museum of Chania to enjoy one of the most amazing views of the port and the lighthouse, specially at sunset.

Gastronomy and Wines

During a visit to Crete it is impossible to miss local tastes and produce. On this island taste is enhanced thanks to the mild climate that works wonders on the Cretan land. Local tables are a genuine display of earth’s generosity and local hospitality.

Fantastic gastronomic trails allow to savor terrific cheeses or oranges or figs and try the character of local dishes. Even when the Cretan cuisine has a fame for being quite rustic and simple, the extensive use of herbs and spices give to local dishes a special touch of flavor that makes them unique. To discover even more, book visit to a traditional olive oil factory or visit to a local winery.

Local wines are getting a well deserved fame all over the world. People from different countries visit Crete to attend the local wine exhibition during March thanks to the excellent results wineries are obtaining from indigenous varieties.  Wineries have an open-door policy and are always glad to receive winelovers, curious visitors and kids as well.

Local Gastronomy

Local Gastronomy

Crete reserves a place for everyone, from kids to young people to adults in search of a serene destination and interesting experiences for lovers of culture, beaches, entertainment and gastronomy. It’s very simple to live the dream of a great summer destination, you just need to visit Crete.