On Monday, September 28th, the catacombs of the Russian Ambassadorial Church of Holy Trinity in Athens were opened to welcome the citizens of Athens.

The catacombs allow to “experience” the atmosphere captured in Andrei Stenin’s pictures

The dark basements of the old church were chosen as the ideal place to host the «Donbass, catacombs of XXI century» photo exhibition. Photographer Andrei Stenin -correspondent of INA «Russia today»- was himself one of the 7000 people killed in Donbass, east Ukraine, in this so called “unknown war” that has also resulted to 1.000.000 refuges.



The organizers (F. Dostoevsky community in Greece, non-governmental movement «Alternative» and solidarity group «Save Donbass») chose this unique and rarely visited place, in an attempt to allow visitors of the exhibition to “experience” the atmosphere captured in Andrei Stenin’s pictures.

Their choice of venue aims at a symbolic parallelism of the persecution of the early Christians and the search for protection under the current “catacombs” of Donbass, basements and shelters where dozens of children live even months to save themselves from the bombing in non-residential areas.


And indeed, those of us who have visited the exhibition can confirm it has enticed strong feelings about the suffering of the people in east Ukraine.