Is it possible an idea that came up by few friends around a table while drinking ouzo to become reality? Lesvos Insider started as one of these good ideas that most of the times remain in the “ideas box” in our minds. Not in this case…


The initiative is coordinated by Ignatios Patrikopoulos, a young entrepreneur and Managing Director of EVA Distillery S.A., along with a creative group of young people sharing the same passion for Lesvos Island.

Lesvos Insider is an alternative presentation of a tourist guide. It enhances the experience and atmosphere of travelling on Lesvos island. Inspired by the mix of ouzo, kafenio, meze and chat, the guide encourages visitors to experience Lesvos and feel its aura, like locals. People, hidden places, local products, ecology, culture and solidarity compose the island’s profile in the pages of the guide.

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Apart from the print edition, Lesvos Insider is also online. uses a very modern approach mainly based on visual information and creates a totally different feeling. The focus is on three important pillars of Lesvos culture: people, places and gastronomy. Fascinating aerial views, mini documentaries, stories and traditional recipes create the full picture of Lesvos, piece by piece.

On the website, you can also download a PDF file of the travel guide for free.

The team behind Lesvos Insider is:
Konstantinos Spiridakos, Chief Editor
Olga Saliampoukou, Photographer (
Achilleas Kiachagias, Designer (
Pavlos Avagianos, Cinematographer (
B.Ch., Translator
Doukas Printing Services

Kyriaki Iatropouli, Project Manager (
Pavlos Avagianos, Cinematographer (
Maria Panagou, Food Blogger (
Georgina Malavazou, Art Director (
Vagelis Dimitroulas, Web Developer (