We’ve all seen or read one of Diane Kochilas’ delicious recipes, I am sure.

“Eat like a Greek” is eat with others, eat food “of the land” and “of the season”

New York born, with origin from the Greek island of Ikaria, she has made a long lasting career as chef, writer, food critic or to sum all this up, as “food anthropologist” as she likes to describe herself. Diane relocated from the US, back in Greece, in the beginning of the 90s and since then she has been studying and promoting Greek cuisine.

The video is her most passionate confession about her love for Greek food, how that derives from her childhood in New York and her roots in Ikaria island, a place that has a longevity record of its inhabitants that use only seasonal ingredients for their food and they are satisfied only with the simplest things.

Diane argues that Greek is a strong focal point of Greek culture and a “living tradition”. Food for Greeks is a “vehicle for socialising”. “Eat like a Greek” is eat with others, eat food “of the land” and “of the season”, it is part of our identity and potentially a strong recovery asset for the country.

Enjoy the talk, this is Diane behind the scenes!

diane kochilas

Image courtesy of dianekochilas.com