Fulbright Greece is celebrating 70 years of educational and cultural exchanges between the Unites States and Greece! They celebrate the power of education, the strength of a global community and the value of mutual understanding through a video series of alumni portraits.

The Fulbright Program is the premier international educational exchange program in the world. It was established in the United States in 1946 by Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas. The Fulbright Foundation in Greece offers scholarships to Greek and American citizens – students, teachers, scholars, and artists – to pursue a wide variety of educational projects. Since 1948, more than 5,000 Greek and American citizens have received scholarships from the Fulbright Foundation in Greece to participate in US-Greece educational and cultural exchanges. Fulbright alumni include Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, prime ministers and heads of state, professors and scientists, ambassadors and artists, supreme court justices and company presidents.
 Education is about opening your heart, opening your eyes, going into places, into thoughts, into experiences that are new.
The Foundation awards grants to Greek and US citizens to study, teach, lecture, or conduct research in the United States and Greece respectively. Fulbright Greece collaborated with filmmaker, alumna Eirini Steirou and cinematographer Antonis Katrakazis to produce a series of portraits of US and Greek scholars, who share their Fulbright experience. Watch how the Fulbright experience changes lives, builds new bonds, spurs new thoughts, explores values, and creates unforgettable experiences. Spring 2017, meet six US scholars and later this Fall 2017 meet six Greek scholars.


1. Breiana Pledger, English Teaching Fellow
“Education is life-changing, I‘ve seen it change lives. It changed my own”.
Breiana, with a background in psychology and experience in incarcerated youth education came to teach English in Greece, out of her love for Greek mythology. She believes that education has the power to change lives.

2.  Elizabeth Duclos Orsello, Fulbright Scholar, Salem State University Professor

“Education is about opening your heart, opening your eyes, going into places, into thoughts, into experiences that are new”.
Elizabeth came to Greece with her teenage son, to teach American Studies in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and research on how the humanities and academy can deal with real issues people are facing today. She believes education has the power to make people and the world better.

 3. Kaitlyn Stiles, Fulbright Graduate Student
“Fulbright gives students like me the opportunity to delve into a culture and get to know a culture on a level that most people don’t get to experience”.
Kaitlyn is a bio-archaeologist, passionate about the study of human skeletal remains, In Greece, she is looking for answers to archaeological questions and she is eager to delve into a foreign culture.

4. Scott Harris, Fulbright Scholar, University of Charleston Professor
“Getting a scholarship and working with someone for that long really creates bonds that are going to last forever”.
Scott came to Greece to research and share his own knowledge on submerged coastlines. Greek seascape and coastline can be an effective case study for much larger coastlines in the US. He loves working in the outdoors and he is a strong supporter of international collaborations.

5. Peter McDonald, English Teaching Fellow
“Everybody doesn’t look like you, or operate like you do, or has the same religion or values like you. Fulbright sets you up to see so many different people”.
Peter came to teach English in Greece, to get a sense of families that go through wide spread public policy change. He believes public policy should strengthen education, because education is a way out of poverty, inequality and isolation.

 6. Caroline Palmer, Fulbright Graduate Student
“One of the most enriching parts of living abroad has been figuring out how to live my own life, overseas”.
Caroline came to Greece to examine renewable energy policy development in the context of the economic crisis and research how people could work together to bring about change. She researched the national-level clean energy politics in Athens, collaborated with local energy researchers and regional planners in Thessaloniki and traveled to interview civil society initiatives across the country.

You can find all portraits in fulbright.gr/fulbright70 and you can learn more about Fulbright opportunities in fulbright.gr
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