Superfoods are nutrient-packed foods and they are especially beneficial this time of the year, if you want to stay in full health and energy! We recommend these 5 foods that you can find plenty in the Greek nature.

1.Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is a creamy substance produced by bees destined to feed the future queen. White or yellow in colour, its taste is acidic, due to its low pH. It is a source of proteins, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and lipids. Royal jelly is also used as a general tonic for health, anti-aging and immune system stimulation. Royal jelly is on the one hand beneficial,  because it has miraculous properties against micro-organisms and  diseases, and on the other hand it gives you energy when you have a heavy workload.


Dictam is an endemic plant found in Crete, mostly used as a beverage. In ancient Greece it was considered one of the most important therapeutical plants and it was used by Hippocrates for stomach and digestive disorders, but also for rheumatism, arthritis, healing and menopause as a tonic and an antispasmodic. It is also used against influenza and cold, it helps prevent and treat circulatory and cardiac problems, it relieves from headaches and stomach upsets.


3.Olive oil
What can one say about olive oil that is not already known. Olive oil is the oil that comes from the fruits of the olive tree. It is a key element of a Mediterranean and healthy diet because of its high level of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Olive oil acts against the risk of cardiovascular disease and, thanks to its ingredients, it has anti-inflammatory and chemoprotective properties.


4.Cornelian cherry
Cornelian cherry or Cornus mas is the fruit of the dogberry tree. It can be consumed as sweet, it can be eaten as  jam or it is included in a brandy. Its benefits are tonic to our body and they help in bowel function. Research has shown that cornus mas is a source of iron (Fe) and vitamin C, E.  Cornus cherry helps vision and memory, and thanks to its antioxidant ingredients it slows down aging. It also helps the body by giving us energy and stimulation.


5. Mountain Tea
The mountain tea plant is an one-year or perennial fluffy herb tree without leaves on their lower limb. Approximately 17 species are found in Greece; some of them grow in Taigetos, Olympos, Parnassus and other mountains. Due to over consumption, all tea trees are in danger of disappearing.  It is known for its medicinal properties, it helps in the gastrointestinal system, it is has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant and sedative properties. What else can one ask for from a beverage?