Talent spotlight section aims at presenting new visions by upcoming directors that challenge the way we perceive film and visual culture. Panos Kostouros, photographer and director presents the myth of Persephone through a dance film, shot in the streets of Athens. The result is a unique reading of an ancient myth through contemporary movement and imagery.

1. Can you describe your film in one sentence?
Kori has to dance in a rhythmic path, through Contemporary Athens.

2. Can dance be captured through film without losing its allure?
Performing arts have proved that can be captured through other mediums such as video. Dancing is always fascinating when you watch it live, but directing dance and film can also be interesting.

 3.Why did you choose the myth of Persephone?

This particular myth is very photogenic. This ultimate Greek Drama is a must read. We are introduced in why this vital change of seasons exists. It also involves major Greek Gods, such as Zeus, Athena and Hades. It offers, at least to me, a treasure of images, which accordingly led me to produce the film and its sequence.

4.How does your background in photography inform your point of view as a director?

I see images first and then I make the story

It is probably not the most accurate way to make films, but I am trapped in this process, since I remember myself. I hope one day I will escape from it, but for the moment I enjoy making pictures that came to my mind instinctively, as stills. Directing requires heavy knowledge in which I am gladly exposed to, I try to be a good student, as I did with Photography and hopefully, I will stay on track for a long time.

5. What are your future plans as a director?
For the last three years I work a lot in advertising. It’s a new world and I really enjoy it. Making a full-length movie seems like a distant reaching point; maybe I am too young for it. For the moment besides Advertising I am working on short stories mostly web orientated. Big screen can wait.



Who is Panos Kostouros:

1.Panos Kostouros_THUMB

Panos, born in Lamia, Greece, studied Fine Art Photography and Video at FOCUS School of Photography and Video (Athens).Whilst in college, he assisted fashion photographers Tassos Vrettos and Suzzane Leiritis. After graduating, he spent two years in Greek Army (compulsory military service) where he became the personal Photographer of the Chief of Army. After completing his military service, he moved to London to study Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in 2005. During his academic years, he assisted photographers Mark Lebon, Sean and Seng for worldwide campaigns and press publications (Tank and Cent).

Panos also joined the Belgium agency YPU (Young Photographers United). In 2005, he returned to Athens to work for studio KITAO, a production company with clients such as Amstel, Toyota, Fiat and Kia Motors Europe. At the same time, he taught Photography at a private College. In 2007, he moved to Dubai working for ITP, the biggest Publishing House of Middle East, including titles such as Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Grazia and TimeOutDubai. In 2009, he was commissioned from EU to produce a multimedia application, including two video Documentaries in Greece, based on historical evidence.

Since then, video production and new media have become his major professional interest. As a result of this work, Edit59, a Digital Video Production Company was launched. Panos currently spends his days between Amsterdam and Athens working with several clients that seek for a fashionable and creative direction on their branding tools.