Doing research and selecting which videos will be featured for the launch of GreekTV, we reached to a sad conclusion: That any media coverage and video documentation of important issues of the greek LGBT community is scarce.

Incidents in schools and the public space are frequent, but there seems to be no official registration and research about them.

The “voices” are really few. One of the most interesting voices, however, is George Charonis. The featured video is his talk for the LGBT Youth & Social Inclusion Conference in Dublin, organised by the Irish presidency of the European Union. George represented there Color Youth, a non profit organisation for LGBT young people (up to the age of 30), speaking about the major issues that concern LGBT people and the lack of any statistical data about homophobic violence or school bullying. According to Gearge Charonis the major subjects that concern LGBT people are homophobia, non-acceptance by family and society, representation issues in greek media and internalised homophobia.

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