A video lecture by Marco Veremis, entrepreneur of the year 2013, about role models in the world of tech start-ups.

Advice is a form of nostalgia

When that is said by a mentor and successful entrepreneur, you definitely want to hear more. Marco Veremis, founder and CEO of Upstream, an Athens-based mobile monetization business that has gone global and  incubator for entrepreneurial efforts like Workable or the HR SaaS provider has been voted as entrepreneur of the year 2013.
In this video from TEDxAthens Salon he talks to aspiring entrepreneurs about how it is possible to create in Greece a global tech company that could be export oriented. Through his personal experience increasing Upstream when venture capital was an unknown word in Greece, he speaks about how choosing the right role model for your company can make a difference.

“the odd for success is not in Silicon Valley role models”

For Veremis every case study is different. There is not only path to success and definitely “the odd for success is not in Silicon Valley role models”. He says these could be misguiding for a lot of young greek startups. Veremis emphasizes that being realistic about your goals, choosing the right partners and putting money in your pocket from year one can make a good framework.
What captured our attention is his interesting observation that Greeks being well educated, extrovert and flexible but not patient and disciplined, therefore making traditionally a successful small entrepreneur.

Εnjoy the talk!

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Marco Veremis