Monthly Flavors is a unique food subscription service, delivering traditional, gourmet Greek products to its subscribers’ doors every month. Each box is unique, and it contains several full-sized products hand-picked by the Monthly Flavors team.

Initially embraced by the homesick Greek diaspora and Greek cuisine enthusiasts, Monthly Flavors is on a mission to introduce the world to authentic Mediterranean flavors beyond feta and ouzo. John Voultsis, the CEO and founder of Monthly Flavors, discusses the concept behind it and his plans for its future.

Q. Monthly Flavors is a food subscription box service, offering delicious, healthy Greek products to people on a monthly basis. How was the idea conceived, and how does it work exactly?

we offer premium quality and healthy Mediterranean products from small farmers and family run businesses

A. When I used to work in exports I realized how little known the Greek food products were outside of Greece. Even though there are so many amazing and premium quality aliments, people just were not familiar with them. And those who were, for example people that had visited Greece as tourists, did not have access to them back in their country. Trying to place these products on the shelves of markets abroad was also very difficult. So my good friend and co-founder Panagiotis Papadopoulos and I started wondering if there could be a way for people to learn about these new products.

So we figured that the best way would be to bring them straight to the consumer’s doorstep. People who love tasting new products and expanding their culinary experiences would not have to move an inch from their home. Subscription box services are very common in USA and the UK so for us it is a big challenge to make it work in other countries of Europe.


The way it works is pretty simple, all you need to do is subscribe by giving us your details, credit card or Paypal and the address where you want your box to be delivered. That’s it. Then once a month you receive by courier a box which contains 5 to 6 full size products such as olive oil, marmalades, traditional sweets, etc. The products are a surprise and each time they are carefully chosen by our team.

Q. What are the unique benefits that Monthly Flavors offers, and what is it that sets it apart from other food subscription boxes?

with each month’s box we try to offer a complete culinary experience

A. We are very proud of the fact that we offer premium quality and healthy Mediterranean products from small farmers and family run businesses, people who treat their products with much love and care. Each month we take our subscribers to a tasteful and healthy journey throughout Greece.

Through our blog and the social media we try to suggest recipes to help our customers become further acquainted with the products, experiment with them, get into their kitchen and cook delicious and healthy food and perhaps ultimately improve their eating habits.

Q. Which are your most popular items and why?

A. I can’t say that there are popular or unpopular items. The surprise element is something that excites all our customers and they have welcomed it very well. They basically rely on us to find for them the best products from the finest producers.


Q. How do you select the products that will be included in each box?

we plan on having themed boxes, from various parts of Greece

A. Our basic aim is to always find novelty products, things that you don’t normally find in supermarkets or other regular stores. For example in our first box we had a lovely pomegranate sauce which was simply delicious, or kale chips which are seasoned dried cabbage leaves, a very healthy and low fat snack.

Basically, with each month’s box we try to offer a complete culinary experience. There is always a healthy snack, and then something that would supplement a first course, or a product that can be used in so many different ways, like a fava spread with capers. It goes without saying that every box has something sweet, always carefully selected and nutritious. It is also important to stress that all our products are full size, they don’t come in sample packaging, which means that most of them can last even more than a month, even when used every day. Later on we plan on having themed boxes, from various parts of Greece and the Mediterranean.


Q. What are the main challenges that Monthly Flavors has faced so far?

A. The biggest challenge is to make people around the world become acquainted with the Greek and Mediterranean products and ultimately wanting to add them to their daily diet. It is optimistic to see many Greek producers working also towards this end, by developing their marketing and branding towards expanding outside of Greece. This will ultimately help all of us who are involved in the food commerce.


Q. Monthly Flavors is working to expand to other markets. Could you tell us a bit about that?

A. Since the beginning our aim was to expand to Western Europe, the UK and USA. We are already able to sell to 11 countries. The Greek people that live abroad are the first that have embraced our idea, since they miss a taste of home. We hope that they will introduce us to their friends and we are positive that Greek and Mediterranean products will find their place into the homes of thousands of people.