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Culture /

Cut and Paste: Your favourite celebrities now hang on your wall!

“Pop Art is for everyone”,  said Andy Warhol and Eliza Alexandropoulou took […]

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Archival, Behind the News /

Greek summer through the lens of Greek photography masters

Two Greek modernist photographers captured its poetry and unique anthropology in black […]

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Talent Spotlight /

An Uncomfortable project by Greek designer Katerina Kamprani

Katerina Kamprani is a young talented designer from Greece. Her “Uncomfortable Project”, […]

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Culture, Talent Spotlight /

Sculptor Leonidas Chalepas talks about the optimism of creation.

Leonidas is one of those artists who talk mainly through their work. […]

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Visionaries /

Q&A with mathematician Yiannis Vlassopoulos

Vlassopoulos discusses with us the journey that drew him to his field, the fundamentals of his research, and some compelling artistic side projects that he fuses with his mathematical perspective

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Culture /

Q&A with Filmmaker/Producer Valerie Kontakos

Valerie Kontakos is a documentary filmmaker and producer who runs Exile Films Production Company in the Monastiraki district of Athens

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Five pictures from Greece, you did not expect to see

Greece is not only blues skies, white houses and sunny beaches. It […]

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Culture /

Theocharakis Foundation presents Philhellenism in Art exhibition

When struggling Greeks decided to throw off the Turkish yoke in 1821, European sympathy peaked. Hundreds of intellectuals and everyday people rushed to help.

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Business, Culture, Visionaries /

Soar through the City with the Greek Folding Project

For bicyclists, Athens is an unaccommodating city with narrow streets, sidewalks, and […]

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Travel /

A guided tour to Athens Acropolis

GreekTV climbed up the hill and presents a basic guide of this great monument.

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