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Health, Visionaries /

Eleftheria Zourou talks about innovative platform Doctoranytime

Doctoranytime helps patients contact the doctor of their choice, and makes the […]

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Business /

Egg Enter-Grow-Go program calls on young people who wish to see their entrepreneurial idea come alive

Roula Bachtalia is the representative of Egg Enter-Grow-Go. Egg is a corporate […]

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Visionaries /

Combine tourism with work in Thessaloniki? Sure thing!

Interview by Michael Klioumis. Work From Thessaloniki is all about work, entertainment […]

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Travel /

Aviation Industry Expert Bill Kalivas Discusses His Campaign to Bring More Nonstop Flights from the U.S. to Greece

Interview by Michael Nevradakis for Dialogos Radio  Tourist arrivals in Greece continue […]

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Visionaries /

Erasmus opens up new horizons for aspiring, newly established and experienced entrepreneurs

The European exchange program for Entrepreneurs Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was launched in […]

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Business, Opinions /

Why did the Greek dream fade in Silicon Valley?

It is not by chance that the Greeks in Silicon Valley call him “mentor”…

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Business, Culture, Visionaries /

Soar through the City with the Greek Folding Project

For bicyclists, Athens is an unaccommodating city with narrow streets, sidewalks, and […]

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Culture /

Greek Cultural Manager Fights for Artistic Sustainability

Financial sustainability for the arts and culture in Greece: Is it possible?

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Tech, Visionaries /

Marco Veremis, Upstream CEO, defines the right model for building a global tech company in Greece.

A video lecture by Marco Veremis, about role models for tech start-ups.

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