If you haven’t already been there, then hurry! Sifnos keeps its treasures well hidden:

1.    A large network of beautiful trails that run around the island and will lead you to the most breathtaking views.


2.    The most beautiful dry stone wallings that you will encounter in a Greek island.



3.    Its amazing Kastro village, with narrow streets and small openings hovering over the Aegean Sea.




4.    Delicious chickpeas soup for lunch or dinner. The renowned Sifnian revithada.


5.    Hidden local feasts  (panigiria) that await you in some picturesque small church in the end of a trail route. Locals offer for free revithada, local cheese, along with playing music and dancing until dawn.


6.    The lovely sunset view at Vathy beach, while you splash your feet inside water having delicious dinner in Tsikali tavern by the sea.


7.    Chrisopigi monastery sits by the sea overlooking great natural bays with turquoise waters.



8.    Vroulidia Beach with its emerald waters hidden in the northern part of the island.


9.    A walk in Artemonas ending with having a delicious pastry in Yellow Bicycle pastry shop.


10. A strong pottery tradition that produces amazing ceramics. Don’t miss one of the oldest workshops in the island, that of Konstantinos Depastas in Cherronisos. He has the gift to sell you the most unusual pottery you have ever seen!

Best time to go: During its annual food festival the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival in September. The entrance to the festival is free and the food that is offered is for free too

Best souvenir: Dorvas (a cloth shoulder bag) from the Sifnos Island Cooperative (SIC) an initiative that wants to shun all plastic bags from the island.