Bounded by the overwhelming fun of Paros and the immensity of Naxos, there is a small island walking a road of its own. Antiparos has created a brand new concept in the traditional panorama of the Cycladic islands. A proposal made of righteous local traditions, a touch of sophistication and an authentic pride for its identity.

As soon as the ferry departs from the tranquil port of Pounda, headed to the white shores of Antiparos, the atmosphere begins to change. The rush and hassle are left behind to enter into a different kind of space, where time takes an unusual rhythm. There is no hurry to arrive, there is no hurry to leave. Walking out of the boat and stepping on the streets of Antiparos is accepting that life can be savored in a new way; the Antiparos way.

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Main street in the chora of Antiparos.

An island proud to still be considered a hidden treasure, happy to avoid massive assaults of tourists, Antiparos enjoys a rather long but relaxed season. On the island there is no worry that the summer might end soon. Habitués of the island have learnt how to take advantage of its mild springs and autumns, extending the season in a reasonable way. No traffic jams, no excess of noise. Antiparos is teaching a lesson as far as tourism is concerned.

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Beautiful shops, delicate colors, lush blossomed trees.

“Habitués of the island have learnt how to take advantage of its mild springs and autumns, extending the season in a reasonable way.”

The main and only village, Antiparos Chora, might seem just an ordinary trail to follow back and forth from the port to the Kastro. However, it is a bit more complex. Everything seems to be arranged as in a pretty dollhouse. There is harmony and a natural touch of glamour. Nothing looks forced or artificial, buildings, flowers, colors are beautiful simply because that is the only way they can be.

The island, chosen by Hollywood stars and celebrities for their vacation, has acquired a new status. Locals have a distant but friendly approach that makes you feel welcome and peacefully left alone at the same time.

The Antiparos concept

The Antiparos concept

Local tastes and traditions are easily found on more distant streets, while the main promenade of the village has granted space to exclusive international restaurants and exclusive boutiques, thus giving birth to the Antiparos concept.

Paradigm of this new fashion concept is former magazine editor, the Athenian Mariliza Dimakou, who started designing her own line of fashion Greek shoes, bags, and jewelry back in 2002. When, a few years ago, Mariliza decided to open a store on the island she was not yet aware that she was going to become a trendsetter as far as Greek fashion goes.

Mariliza divides her summer time between the two shops she owns on the main street of Antiparos, Mariliza Shop and Fildisi, and occupies her winters designing new products and selling her creations online. As a creditable ambassador of the island, she also promotes Antiparos in the Italian Tourism fair of Milan every year.

Creations by the fashion designer, Mariliza Dimakou

Creations by the fashion designer, Mariliza Dimakou

Full of energy and enthusiasm for the island, she has chosen to back her designs with an ethical approach, treasuring those Greek traditions easily seen in her creations. With a touch of humor, she has made a trademark out of the mati, the well-known evil eye, which populates hats, bracelets and t-shirts.

She also chooses fashion lines such as hand-made backpacks that come from indigenous tribes of Latin America, Peruvian shoes and t-shirts made of authentic Greek cotton, this way boosting the local economy.