Wanna change your diet habits a bit more towards the healthy side? Try fresh recipes and explore new flavors? Fast and with no great cooking skills required? Superfood  can show you the way ! Let’s find out how.

Superfood is a Youtube Channel, where you can find video recipes with healthy and fast cooking, inspired by Greek cuisine. You can watch how they prepare delicious snacks, salads and full meals in their upbeat fresh videos! We approached them in order to explain to us what is the philosophy behind Superfood. We will also present you our favorite videos from their channel.

Interview by Michael Klioumis

M.K: How would you best describe Superfood?

S.F: Superfood is a fun cooking channel which includes mainly healthy foods and easy to follow recipes!

M.K: So, how did you come up with the idea of Superfood?

We believe that everyone can cook, if they want to.

S.F: We are three friends, who absolutely love tasty food and appreciate good cuisine. Alice wanted a way to increase people’s interest about healthy cooking and actually make them aware of how many easy and delicious recipes can be made with the bare minimum effort. People don’t have to rely solely on junk food and should be more educated about nutrition and cooking at home. It is not always easy to work everyday and then return home to prepare a meal, but there are ways this can be fun and super organized so that it won’t feel like a drag and time consuming. So, the idea of superfood came along and Alice and Panos decided to spread the word with the help of Damian who is great with the camera and video editing!

M.K: Is it easy for someone who’s not familiar with cooking to prepare meals like the ones you describe?

You can prepare a delicious and nutritious dish using the bare minimum.

S.F: Of course! Our videos might be short, but they are easy to follow like I said, with steps and useful visuals to make the content friendly for everyone. We believe that everyone can cook, if they want to (like ratatouille said in that Disney movie), especially when they have accurate information about cooking! Also we respond to our followers on our pages on the social media about any difficulties they might face while executing a recipe of ours.

M.K: Are there special markets where someone can find the ingredients you use for your recipes?

S.F: Everything we use in our recipes can be found in super markets, food stores, the marketplace or via Internet. It depends though on each country’s current season.

M.K: Is there a specific cuisine you prefer?

S.F: We are Greeks, so we definitely prefer the Greek cuisine and the Italian one. So, basically Mediterranean cuisine, because it is healthy and flavorful. We are currently in the process of learning more about Asian food as well. Japanese and Thai are mainly plant and fish based dishes, which are extremely healthy to maintain as a diet.

M.K: Is it affordable to cook superfood style?

S.F: In our country, no it is not. Everything that is highly nutritious is super expensive too. But there are many other options, and that is exactly what‘s amazing with cooking. You can prepare a delicious and nutritious dish using the bare minimum. We advise though to buy organic if you can.

M.K: Since we are slowly entering the summer, do you have a recipe to propose?

S.F: It is time for seafood pasta!

You can watch more videos or subscribe to Superfood channel here.